Trugreen Service Agreement

We`ve spent our time and attention creating the ultimate subscription monitoring app that detects unused services and unsubscribes you from them. We wanted to turn our backs on you, and now we can finally do it. I am trying to cancel. Their «guarantee» that they will continue to send people to use my lawn. My lawn has never been worse. I get another free app and I really cancel it. (date) Trugreen Chemlawn Street City, State, Zip Dear Chemlawn: According to the contract between us dated (date), we give you termination on the date of termination as soon as possible, but in no case later (date of termination). We do not accept or pay for any services beyond the date of termination. In addition, you will be informed that your company`s permission to come to our land at the address (address) will be revoked at the same time as the termination of this contract. Any of your representatives or collaborators who infiltrate our property after the termination date will be arrested and your company will be held liable for any damages resulting from such intrusion. This notification replaces and replaces any other communication.

Oral agreements are not binding. Your signature cc: Your city police department Zip city-state address These Terms and Conditions do not apply to: (1) a limited number of TruGreen sites subject to separate business terms or (2) your interaction with or use of a TruGreen franchisee`s website. .