Shaking Agreement

Until then, so good, and at that point, you and the designer might shake hands and think the deal is done. But there is one last element that must be sought, and it is a certainty. Both parties should be aware of the terms of the agreement they have reached. But the TV company continued to negotiate with the owners of another potential site. The judge decided that there was no agreement despite the handshake. He described Endemol`s behavior as «incorrect» with a wonderfully defamatory euphemism, but said what had been shaken was too vague to be in line with a legally binding treaty. For example, there was no deadline for the occupancy period. In any event, a formal written contract from Endemol was prepared after the meeting. This document went back and forth between him and McNicholas, both of whom continued to make changes and did not reach a final agreement before Endemol decided he preferred the other site anyway. But there is another very important point.

While you have a legally binding oral agreement for the designer to provide the service, you won`t really own the logo when it`s ready. Not even if the designer says you`re going to do it and you`ve shook your hand to confirm it! While oral contracts and handshake operations can be enforceable, lawyers generally do not advise their clients to do business in this way. Written contracts are usually much better because they give the parties certainty about the exact terms of the contract. .