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This DPS is designed for new technologies and will enable central government and the broader public sector to access real technological innovations and provide suppliers with a market path that is adaptable if their capabilities change. The benefits of DPS are; «allows customers to access new and proven technological innovations that are useful in solving public sector problems. Agility and flexibility to meet the changing technological needs of government. An accessible way for suppliers to apply at any time. The filtering system, which offers the right suppliers the right chances, can be evaluated according to the individual requirements of the customers. An effective structure and effective approach to finding potential solutions, including the possibility of using a two-stage competition and supplier presentation process – fully in line with UK and EU rules. Suppliers, please click «Offer Package» below and first read the DPS information document before you begin your application for the DPS. Customers, please click below on «Access as a Buyer» to learn more and start using the DPS. To find out how Bray Leino could help your organization, please contact James Robertson (0)117 9064527 For more information on different executives and purchase options, please also see «Find an Agreement.» If you enter the agreement reference number you find in the list above, you can quickly access the agreement you are looking for in the search area. To find out how Bray Leino could help your organization, please contact: CPC and The CSC have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding that allows mutual support from certain executives. The frameworks included in this section are all CCS agreements that, according to the CPC, represent good value for money if CPC does not offer coverage through our own framework program. CSC plans to launch new trade agreements and renew some existing agreements.

Find out what agreements suppliers can call for tenders and when they are ready to buy them. To learn more about CCS executives, you can contact them directly by phone or via their website: this dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is available to all central government agencies in the UK, other public sector organisations and charities. Services available include: (a) Design – Development (b) Market Engagement and Promotion (c) Application – Award Services (d) Full Programme Management (e) Evaluation Services (f) Counter Fraud Services To Access as a Supplier please read the Bid pack using the link below. First read the following document – `READ FIRST RM6172 DPS Needs`. This will tell you everything you need to know to register. To continue, then use the link to «Access as a provider.» To be able to access as a buyer, please first read the customer`s guide.